25 Days of The Epic of Zektbach: Day 18 - Least favorite story arc/chapters in Zektbach

Shamsir’s Dance

I’m sorry for the least fave questions, I really ran out of idea for types of question to throw in this meme OTL
I thought it would be interesting to see which type of story is more appealing to public/fans and which one is least appealing, instead it becomes which one is the least developed really.
At this point as stated before, Shamsir’s story, even though holding a great potential to be a great story, left undeveloped and got a horrible OVA that serves as an eye candy only. I’m always iffy about sudden jump to make things to anime. It costs too much skill and budget and from experiences with games to anime it is more than often ended in failure. So I wasn;t so surprised to found the same result with Shamsir OVA. If they want to step up from drama CD, I find it making into a manga first is a better choice (suikoden and Tales of series from what I have seen seemed to be successful example of this, that being said Tales of series have been blessed with great OVAs too. On more popular example take Persona 4, they started with manga adaptation first before jumping to anime adaptation)
I guess being originated from Music Poetry they need a media to show off the great music, manga can’t do this, so at this point really, drama CD is the best (and cheaper) bet. Blind Justice, Hannes’s Diary and Masinowa drama CD have been successfully give more depth to each arc they cover and more depth to the characters. 
Instead of actually saying Shamsir’s chapter is the one I don’t like, I’m more not liking Konami choice of making the OVA. If they want to make OVA they should be more prepared with the budget and go all the way with a BANG! The half-assed effort only resulting in loss of money in which I noticed the interval of new Zektbach things came out after the OVA fiasco is getting longer… *sob*
I wish they will fix this with either more written chapter for Shamsir or even a drama CD? 

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