「The black world」/「理夜」のイラスト [pixiv]

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I got my Makoto Alarm Clock from the Kansai Free! Event!! They were a special order item that have only just arrived! I chose Makoto because…? Well his voice sure isn’t going to wake me up, I guess I just wanted to listen to his voice before failing to wake up and going back to sleep? Anyway, here are his three lines said in a voice that will in no way encourage anyone to actually wake up.

  • "Good morning. Hey, wake up. It’s already morning. You still can’t wake up? …did you stay up all night by any chance? Aren’t I always saying sleep deprivation is bad for your health? Promise me you’ll sleep early tonight…? …come on, let’s start getting up!"
  • "Good morning…hehe! You still look like you don’t want to get up. But I want you to get up soon…no good? Hehe…do you finally feel like getting up? Ok, let’s go."
  • "Hehe! Good morning. Wake up? It’s already morning. We promised to go together to morning practice today, didn’t we? Everyone else was up long ago! …come on, wake up already?"
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satsuyurami asked: Thanks to you, I've been addicted to matcha (just addicted to matcha 1 year ago) XD

Haha really? I didn’t realise I post many things about my matcha addiction here, but at least matcha is good for you ^^

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"The Pretty Guardian in a Sailor Suit, Guardian of Love and Intelligence, Sailor Mercury! Douse yourself in water, and repent!"

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Assffhjjjkk making this in small one bedroom apt is like igniting tear gas /coughing nonstop omg dad it might not be same as mum’s but I felt like dying when stir frying this shit orz

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aaaa MAYA’s art book came in !!

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「0726」/「竜崎(LAN.)」の作品 [pixiv] #pixitail