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From MAYA’s twitter


transparent Hannes for your transparent Hannes needs

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From MAYA’s twitter

Thank you everyone for any of your support, contribution and those who came to my mum’s viewing tonight. I am sorry for not tagging you all but there are just quite plenty of you and I am tired (and funeral is still ongoing tomorrow as well) but do know that I am absolutely grateful for all. Yes, I promise to drink more water haha.

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5 days for Miika release!


Majority of the time Matin always get mistaken as Gwendolyn from Odin Sphere lol. Hannes in default outfit is probably will not get mistaken (maybe for other nun characters though) but many can’t diss the similarity between her and Saber (almost identical hairstyle etc) Also I know Mishie told me she get mistaken for Saber when she cosplayed Empress outfit Hannes XD

Speaking of Matin and Gwendolyn… corny lines knight husband GO GO GO! X333 (Though not nearing Oswald’s level, but well Falo.. Your “You are my light” line doesn’t help much either lol)

With Gijiri it’s the other way around, whenever I see Koujaku (Dramatical Murder) cosplayer in a split second I thought it was Gijiri XD Um I have extra space next to Gijiri, so I draw Nox in Jack’s outfit (Pandora Hearts)

I think Malchut’s design is strictly Zektbach only. Either people who know Zektbach recognised it straight away or people just being puzzled for not knowing the character. (The mark on the cheek and being with Kukaru remind ppl with Princess Mononoke, but as soon as pantsu and multi coloured hair sighted they sort of not dare mistaken it with San in Princess Mononoke?) Other than that um yeah sorry for my ugly drawings DX

From MAYA’s twitter

MIIKA’s protagonist, Sayahiko.

From MAYA’s twitter

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I like how MAYA also commented about how really low the survival rate of the male characters in Zektbach is.

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